Oklahoma’s New Law To Protect Those Who Can’t Protect Themselves.

Oklahoma’s new Long Term Care Security Act took effect on March 1, 2014. The law requires fingerprint based background checks on all new hires for health care jobs where the employee would have direct access to patients or residents. The hope is that this law will protect vulnerable adults and elderly who cannot help themselves.

The law is aimed primarily at reducing the number of nursing home abuse cases throughout the state. In 2013, two nurses’ aides were caught on tape abusing a patient. Because both of those aides were Nigerian nationals, there is some concern over how this new law will prevent that type of abuse. Just this past January, a man from Eritrea pleaded guilty to raping two women while working at a nursing home near Tulsa. Because many nursing home employees are hired from out of the country, this law unfortunately offers little protection from those people who may have criminal records in their home nations.

In addition to this flaw, Wes Bledsoe, an advocate for improved care in Oklahoma nursing homes, is worried about a clause that permits convicted criminals to work in nursing homes seven years after their crime. According to Bledsoe, because most people would not allow convicted felons to work in their home, it makes no sense to allow it in a nursing home where vulnerable adults rely on nursing home workers for care.

Nursing home workers should provide the utmost care and treatment to patients. When they don’t, and workers abuse or neglect their charges, the results can be devastating.

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