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Massachusetts Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

What is Abuse?

Nursing home abuse and neglect can take on many forms. Such abuse and neglect can be damaging emotionally, physically and financially. Abuse is the willful infliction of injury on another person. Abuse can be both physical and mental, resulting in both visible injuries as well as those that you cannot see.

Physical abuse can be as extreme as assault and battery or rape – or may consist of forced restraint, either by mechanical or chemical means, or any unwanted or offensive physical intrusion to the body, no matter how slight.

Emotional abuse may include verbal insults, humiliation, threatening behavior or attempts to frighten the resident. Abuse does not only require action but can also be an omission, such as isolating a resident or ignoring and disregarding their inquiries.

What Qualifies as Neglect?

Neglect is defined under Massachusetts law as the failure of the nursing home or other facility to provide the goods and services necessary to avoid physical injury, mental harm or emotional distress. Some examples of neglect include carelessly or negligently failing to provide food or water, adequate medical care or appropriate living or sleeping conditions. Neglect can also consist of under or overmedicating a resident, as well as the failure to change bedding or undergarments, render proper assistance for daily needs or take care of hygiene needs.

What Rights Do Massachusetts Nursing Home Residents Have?

At a minimum, nursing home residents have the following protected rights.

  • Access to information regarding all adequate and appropriate health and medical care, the rules and regulations of the nursing home facility and contact information for the State Ombudsman and other regulatory agencies;
  • Physical and mental privacy, including unrestricted and private communication with anyone of the resident’s choosing, confidentiality in regards to his or her personal and medical needs, and autonomy from unwanted bodily intrusion unrelated to a required medical treatment;
  • Freedom to choose his or her daily activities, medical treatment or refusal and the attending physician;
  • The right to speak up and file a grievance without fear of intimidation or retaliation; and
  • Fair and courteous treatment AT ALL TIMES.

In the event that any of these rights of a loved one have been violated, the patient has the right to retain legal counsel to stop the abuse and to recover monetary damages. If you believe that a nursing home facility or one of their employees has violated your loved one’s rights, please call our office today at 617-787-3700. Our attorneys specialize in nursing home abuse and neglect personal injury claims and we look forward to consulting with you on your or your loved one’s personal situation.

What Information Do I Need to Report an Incident of Abuse or Neglect?

When contacting an agency or attorney to report an incident of abuse, it is helpful to have the following information:

  • The name, address and age of the resident
  • The name and address of the nursing home or facility of the resident
  • The basis for your complaint, including the type of abuse or neglect observed or suspected and the dates of occurrence
  • Any relevant medical information or treatment that the resident is known to be receiving
  • The names of any caregivers of whom you are aware
  • Any prior reports or discussions with caregivers or management in regards to the issue
  • Anything else you believe is necessary to report
Do I Need to Hire a Massachusetts Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Attorney?


If you or a loved one has been injured, abused or otherwise neglected in a nursing home or other care facility, or if a loved one has passed away and you suspect abuse or neglect, you should contact our experienced team of Boston abuse and neglect personal injury attorneys or highly skilled Boston wrongful death lawyers right away to help you protect your or your loved one’s legal rights. Our expert abuse and neglect attorneys will help you evaluate the facts of your case, to determine appropriate legal remedies for the situation, as well as the potential damages that will be received. Call us today at 617-787-3700 or contact us by e-mail at

If you or a loved one has been the victim of Massachusetts nursing home abuse, it can be difficult to know where to turn. There are a number of varying emotions that you may be experiencing. The best option in this difficult and trying time is to seek the immediate assistance of one of our expert and highly skilled Massachusetts nursing home abuse attorneys. We have been representing our Massachusetts nursing home abuse clients for over the past 25 years, and have developed significant skill in obtaining high damage awards on our clients’ behalf. Our Massachusetts nursing home abuse attorneys provide our clients with exceptional client service and outstanding legal representation at all times. We want our Massachusetts nursing home abuse clients to be as actively involved in their case as they wish, and therefore we do not act on a client’s behalf without first gaining the client’s fully informed consent.

Many times, it is difficult to discern whether an elder loved one is being victimized at a Massachusetts nursing home. The signs of Massachusetts nursing home abuse are not always obvious, but it is important that you familiarize yourself with some of the signs. Common types of injuries associated with Massachusetts nursing home abuse and neglect include: bedsores; broken bones or fractures; bruising, bleeding or burns; choking or strangulation; emotional or mental abuse; malnutrition or dehydration; overmedication or undermedication; physical abuse; restraints and sedation; sexual misconduct; and soiling and poor hygiene. If your loved one has suffered injury as the result of Massachusetts nursing home abuse, you can depend on us to fight tirelessly on your elder’s behalf to obtain the full extent of damages to which they are entitled.

There are federal and state laws that have been put into place in an effort to protect the elderly from Massachusetts nursing home abuse. In 1987, Congress passed the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA), which listed a number of regulatory protocols that nursing homes are required to follow. Elder abuse is defined under Massachusetts state law as including physical, mental or sexual abuse, as well as neglectful behavior or financial exploitation, by caretakers in private living environments. Despite these regulations, sadly, Massachusetts nursing home abuse continues to occur on a daily basis.

If your loved one has been the victim of Massachusetts nursing home abuse, it is important to keep in mind that there is a statute of limitations that limits the amount of time that you may have to make a claim. If you do not seek redress within the necessary time period, you may forever lose your right to file a Massachusetts nursing home abuse claim and recover damages for injuries sustained by the Massachusetts nursing abuse victim. In the event that you or a loved one is the victim of Massachusetts nursing home abuse, it is imperative that you contact one of our expert and highly skilled Massachusetts nursing home abuse attorneys at 617-787-3700 or email us at We are recognized experts in our field and will fight tirelessly on your behalf to secure full and fair compensation for the victim’s Massachusetts nursing home abuse injuries. Do not hesitate to call today. Your needs are our top priority!

In the unfortunate event that your loved one has been harmed because of nursing home abuse, the best step that you can take in order to protect your loved one’s interests is to hire one of our expert Boston, Massachusetts elder abuse injury lawyers. When you select one of the highly skilled and knowledgeable Massachusetts nursing home abuse attorneys and elder abuse lawyers at the Boston, MA Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates to represent you, your needs will be our top priority. The Massachusetts nursing home lawyers at our Boston, MA elder abuse and neglect law firm utilize our legal skills to most effectively handle your unique situation. The tenacity of our abuse lawyers, in addition to their compassion in this difficult personal situation, sets us apart from other law firms. We have the highest quality Massachusetts nursing home abuse and neglect lawyers in the Commonwealth.

The Boston elder abuse injury lawyers and Boston wrongful death lawyers at our Massachusetts law firm have represented thousands of Massachusetts victims and the families of wrongful death victims. Please contact our experienced Boston nursing home abuse and neglect lawyers and Boston wrongful death lawyers immediately to help you get just compensation for your Massachusetts injuries.

If it is more convenient for you, Attorney Gil Hoy will come to your home, office, nursing home, or another location to meet with you and discuss your neglect and abuse law claim.

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