Two 18-Year-Old Nursing Home Employees Videotaped Their Elderly Abuse.

Jacqueline Santos and Chemyra Barnett, both only 18-years-old, have been accused of physically and verbally abusing residents at an Illinois nursing home. Still in high school, the girls not only abused elderly patients, but also videotaped their abuse. Now it is their own videotapes that will seal the criminal charges against them.

The two teenagers worked at the nursing home for just under a year when their crimes came to light. They have been charged with aggravated battery of a person over 60 and unlawful videotaping. Both girls were released on $15,000 under conditions they have no contact with the abused families, refrain from keeping a cell phone and don’t disseminate the video in any way.

An administrator at the care facility, Rosewood Care Center, called in the tip that caught the two girls. She told police she suspected the girls were responsible for physically abusing a resident and videotaping the incident. They’re victim was 98-year-old. Although the girls are out on bail, they will return to court at the end of March to face the charges against them.

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