Hepatitis C Outbreak Tied To North Dakota Nursing Home.

More than forty patients at the ManorCare Health Services nursing home facility in North Dakota have come forward seeking monetary compensation for a Hepatitis C infection they say is tied to the nursing home. So far, only two plaintiffs are named on the lawsuit, however they are seeking class action status.

Hepatitis C is a virus that results in chronic illness and even death. It is transmitted through blood, and can be quite difficult to trace to a particular cause. However, it has been inferred that the forty-four infected patients may have been passed the virus during nail and foot care or during blood services. The investigation is still underway and a full report is not expected until summer.

According to the Center for Disease Control, the spread of a serious infection or virus within a nursing home is actually quite common. Even if the plaintiffs cannot prove the exact cause of the outbreak, they may still win the case by showing the nursing home failed to fulfill its duty to patients in their control.

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