90 Year-Old Woman Attacked in Ohio Nursing Home.

90 year-old Ruth Nelson suffered a vicious attack by one of her caretakers at the Stow Glen Health Care Center nursing home in Stow, Ohio.

According to local reports, a nurse’s aide began her shift on the morning of the attack. The aide was upset that the nightshift nurses had not woken up the residents for the start of the day. Another caretaker who joined the aide in waking up the residents claims the nurse’s aide was cursing and said that she had been “drinking wine.”

The aide began assisting Ruth Nelson’s roommate out of bed using a mechanical lift. She suddenly released the lift and Nelson’s roommate hit her leg against the machine. The nurse’s aide then punched the wall and yelled several expletives.

At this time, the other caretaker had left the room to respond to another resident’s emergency. Now alone with Nelson and her roommate, the nurse’s aide proceeded to Nelson’s side of the room, which was hidden behind a curtain. Nelson’s roommate claims that she heard three slaps and could hear Nelson cry out each time.

A few minutes later, the nurse’s aide summoned a licensed practical nurse and told her that Nelson was bleeding from the head, suggesting that it was due to moving around in the middle of the night. The licensed practical nurse claims that she noticed blood-soaked wash cloths on the counter when she entered Nelson’s room. The nurse also found a blood-stained gown and a broken clothes hangar. Nelson was seated in her wheelchair with her arms crossed and was visibly shaking. She had “multiple cuts, bruises, swelling, and bleeding about the scalp, eyes, nose, lips and ear.”

Nelson’s roommate reported the incident to other staff and authorities. Nelson was taken to the hospital and was diagnosed with a bruise on the brain and superficial cuts and wounds. The nurse’s aide was fired from the nursing home on the same day.

Nelson died on February 28th, less than one month after the nursing home abuse incident.

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