85 Year-Old Woman Victim of Frequent Nursing Home Abuse.

85 year-old Helen MacDonald was a patient with severe dementia at the St. Joseph’s at Fleming nursing home in Peterborough, Ontario. According to her daughter, Camille Parent, St. Joseph’s seemed to be an appropriate long-term care facility for her mother. It was only after she visited MacDonald one day, and found her with a black eye, that Parent became suspicious of how her mother was being treated at the nursing home.

Parent thereafter arranged secret cameras in her mother’s room for a three-week period, hoping to clarify the situation. What Parent observed, however, was far worse than she had ever anticipated.

The cameras recorded four staff members abusing her ill mother. The nurses blew their noses on their patient’s sheets, wiped feces-stained towels on her face, and committed other degrading and dangerous acts of abuse and neglect toward the elderly woman. The footage also shows the staff changing their patient’s diaper with her bedroom door open, in full view of other staff members and patients.

Four staff members have been suspended upon the disclosure of Parent’s footage. The chief executive officer of St. Joseph’s at Fleming, Alan Cavell, expressed shock at the alleged elder abuse and has begun conducting an internal investigation as well.

The Ontario Ministry of Health has also been involved in a further investigation to ensure that other patients at the home are not being mistreated, and instead experience the highest quality of care during their nursing home stay.

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