Dementia Patient Dies After Being Left Outside In New York Winter For Hours.

One Saratoga Springs, New York nursing home has seen its fair share of nursing home abuse lawsuits, which has prompted many in the community to request that it be shut down or at least undergo a change in management. Most recently, an 85 year-old dementia patient, who required constant care at the home, died after he wandered outside at night and was not found until hours later.

The elderly man was staying at the nursing home facility to receive around-the-clock care for disabilities that made it dangerous for the man to be alone. The nursing home resident often wandered and was known to inadvertently expose himself to dangerous situations.

The nursing home staff had fixed a “WanderGuard” anklet to his leg, so the staff would be alerted if the man ever left a designated safe area. On a particularly cold day this past winter, the resident managed to wander outside, without alerting the nursing home staff. It is presently unknown whether the resident’s WanderGuard was working that day, but he was somehow left outside alone until the early morning.

While outside, the resident suffered a serious heart attack. After nursing home staff finally found the man, he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and was pronounced dead soon after arrival. The man’s family is now considering a wrongful death lawsuit against the nursing home.

This Saratoga Springs nursing home has been served with at least two other nursing home abuse and nursing home negligence law suits over the past two years.

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