21 Nursing Home Employees Facing More Than 70 Criminal Charges.

Local authorities in Atlanta, Georgia have uncovered widespread nursing home abuse and neglect at an Atlanta nursing home for Alzheimer’s patients. Twenty-one current and former employees are being criminally charged for their respective roles in the nursing home abuse scandal.

According to investigators from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the abuse included employees restraining patients with bed sheets, striking patients, and throwing water at patients. Another accusation that has come to light is a custom of “double-diapering” patients so staff would not have to change soiled diapers as often. As authorities looked into the credentials of the nursing home staff under investigation, they learned that several staff members had felony convictions, including some who had been previously convicted for voluntary manslaughter and identity theft.

This kind of nursing home abuse and neglect is unfortunately on the rise across the United States. Patients in as many as one in three nursing homes across the country suffer abuse or neglect. In a survey conducted in 2010, roughly 50% of nursing home staff admitted they had mistreated older patients. Most often, this mistreatment involved neglect and negligence toward the needs of the elderly residents.

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