Massachusetts Disability Care Center Worker Accused Of Encouraging The Abuse of Patients.

On November 21, 2013, an employee of the human services organization Vinfen Corp. in Brighton, MA was accused of encouraging the abuse of patients.

An employee at Vinfen Corp. in Brighton, MA has been accused of encouraging employees to abuse patients.  Multiple employees have asserted that while interviewing for their positions as caregivers, Linda Williams stated that they have small windows of time where they should abuse the patients.  The adult patients at the Vinfen facility have mental and developmental disabilities.

In addition to encourage other employees to abuse patients, Williams allegedly followed a pattern of abuse herself.  One employee allegedly witnessed Williams spit on and smack a patient.  One employee even witnessed her punch a patient and throw sanitizer in the patient’s face.  Williams also allegedly harassed the employees themselves, according to at least one complaint from an employee.

Complaints of this abuse have been filed with the Disabled Persons Protection Commission (“DPPC”), which handles many Massachusetts elder abuse cases.  These complaints state that the center is run poorly and that abuse of power occurs on a daily basis.  The DPPC plans to file suit against Williams and Vinfen in federal court.  Williams is still working at Vinfen despite the complaints.

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