Woman’s Family Sues Nursing Home in Maryland After Nurses Allegedly Failed to Provide Assistance.

When a family puts a loved one in a nursing care facility, they entrust the facility to provide the highest quality of care.  Unfortunately, there are many instances where nursing homes and health care facilities fail to do so.  Many members of our older population suffer abuse inflicted upon them by their caregivers.  This is a result of many factors, but most notably the fact that the elderly often rely on their caregivers for basic everyday needs.  This reliance can lead to physical, psychological, emotional or sexual abuse, and even financial exploitation.

Mrs. Gray, an 85-year-old woman, was transferred from Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore to ManorCare Health Services-Woodbridge Valley location after falling in her home.  On August 17, 2014, Gray was in pain and screamed out for a nurse to assist her in getting to the bathroom.  There is video footage that shows Gray calling out for help for over an hour, while her alarm bell went off.  Allegedly, no health care provider came to her assistance.  Unfortunately, Gray died just 30 hours after this incident. 

According to the Baltimore Sun, Gray’s family has filed a lawsuit against ManorCare Health Services-Woodbridge Valley, accusing the company of negligence.  The family is seeking $30 million in damages.  Gray’s family also alleges that she suffered several other injuries while in the facility, including a fractured arm.  Furthermore, the family alleges that the records kept by Gray’s nurses were in direct conflict with the video footage, shot by Gray’s daughter-in-law.  The family is prompting the state to reopen an investigation into the health care facility.  David Ellin is representing the Gray family.

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