Senior Bullying: A Rising Concerns In Nursing Homes.

Seniors across the country are being bullied by their senior peers. It is a problem distinct from elder abuse and widely ignored by the general population. But recently, seniors and their families are speaking out.

Senior against senior bullying is most common in senior assisted living facilities where seniors are in close quarters and in large groups. In one case that has been brought to light, a concerned daughter decided to visit her mother’s assisted living facility to figure out why she was detached from the other seniors and refusing to participate in social activities. What she learned was shocking. She overheard another senior starting a rumor about her mother, making it very clear why her mother skipped craft activities and bingo each day. She addressed the problem with a social worker at the living facility, who luckily was receptive to fixing the problem. Unfortunately, not all staff would have been so supportive. That is why families need to look out for the signs of senior bullying.

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