Infected Bedsores Lead to Untimely Death of Texas Nursing Home Resident.

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Do you think you truly know what it means to be neglected in a nursing home?  If you do, think again.

Close your eyes, and imagine that you’re living in a nursing home and you are bedridden or confined to a wheelchair.  Because of your age and condition, there may be few options available to you.  But the nursing home, when you were admitted, promised to take excellent care of you.  In fact, they promised that you would be mobile and actively participating in events going on in the community.  Even in your latter years, you would be happy and healthy.  Unfortunately, the promises were empty.  In fact, you receive very little attention from the medical staff at the nursing home or assisted living facility.

Days pass by and the visits to your room become dangerously infrequent.  You are constantly sore and stiff from sitting or lying in the same positions for hours on end.  Perhaps you call for aid, but rarely does it ever come.  And when help does come, it is careless; it is as if you have been utterly forgotten.  After a while, your inactivity leads to painful bedsores, that if left untreated, can lead to deadly infections.

This horrible circumstance is precisely what took place in the case of a Texas man, namely TJ Johnson, while staying in the Jefferson Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in 2012.  Mr. Johnson died on November 21, 2012 due to an advanced infection in his lower back.

After mourning the death of his late father, Clyde Johnson filed a lawsuit against the involved Texas nursing home, alleging that his father had received substandard care that ultimately led to his untimely death.  Specifically, Mr. Johnson’s lawsuit alleges that his father developed a pressure ulcer, otherwise known as a “bedsore,” on his lower back.  The sore, which was reportedly caused by the staff’s negligent care, progressed to a dangerous point where it became infected.  Finally, the nursing home allegedly failed to treat the bedsore properly, which would have saved Mr. Johnson’s life.

If your family member is in a Massachusetts nursing home, and you believe that he or she is being neglected by medical staff, the time to act is now.  The injuries suffered in these cases can be devastating.  To make matters worse, the emotional toll taken on the family can be overbearing.  Call us today to discuss the circumstances of your potential claim with an accomplished and knowledgeable nursing home abuse attorney.  Our firm can be reached, 24/7, at 617-787-3700, or by email at Your needs are our top priority!

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