Framingham, MA Care Workers Videotaped Their Abuse Of Nursing Home Patients.

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Two care home workers at the Emeritus at Farm Pond in Framingham, Massachusetts have been arrested and charged in connection with abuse they videotaped against elderly patients. The workers, 18 year-old Damaris Diaz and 25 year-old Samuel Ayekple, admitted to police last week that they had abused elderly Alzheimer’s patients. They did this, they said, because they thought it was funny.

Police began investigating a report of abuse at the facility at the end of April. The investigation led police to the 18 year-old female worker, who finally admitted to some of the abuse and showed police videos detailing the incidents. The video showed her assaulting a 78 year-old Alzheimer’s victim on April 10. In the video, Diaz hits the woman on her arms, flicks her ears, and pinches her nose shut. She then takes the mucus from her nose and wipes it on the woman’s mouth.

Another video showed her male accomplice getting into a boxing stance and slapping a 71 year-old Alzheimer’s patient. He hits the man several times in the face, and later on his butt, while the man tries to walk away. There were also videos and photographs on Diaz’s phone that showed several male and female patients partially nude.

Both workers were fired from the facility and charged with assault and battery and photographing someone in a state of nudity.

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