Detroit, Michigan Nursing Home Aide Confesses to Beating Up Elderly Dementia Patient.

As people age, it is common for them to lose their grip on their physical abilities and mental faculties.  This is the aging process at its worst.  Eventually, health concerns multiply to the point where it may be impossible for an elderly person to care for themselves.  In these circumstances, the comforts of a nursing home or assisted living facility may be the best available option.  Patient care is the highest priority for these organizations, yet they are not without imperfections.  One major concern in the U.S. today is the staggering amount of abuse and neglect that takes place under the care of supposedly compassionate staff.

Abuse of elderly patients in nursing homes may go unnoticed, often due to a combination of the patient’s condition and negligent caregiver oversight.  Alzheimer’s disease, for instance, is a common condition among the elderly living in nursing homes.  This incurable condition affects memory. As a result, the condition may allow abusive caregivers to escape just punishment.  Elderly who are subject to this terrible cruelty often suffer physical injuries such as bruises or cuts.

But not all abuse is visible to the untrained eye.  In more subtle cases, caregivers take advantage of their patients’ mental deficiencies by verbally abusing them and degrading them within the private confines of a nursing home or assisted living facility.  With both physical and verbal abuse, the dignity of the victims is severely undermined.  Maintaining a high quality of life for the elderly, while being the purpose of nursing homes, is often compromised by cruel caregivers.

According to ABC News 7, a 28-year-old nurse’s aide named William Hill has confessed to the brutal beating given to a dementia patient named Thomas Johns.  Johns was a patient at the Whitehall Healthcare Center of Novi, near Detroit, Michigan.

Hill recently confessed to police that on March 11, 2015, he punched, pushed, and sat on Johns five times during his shift.  Hill said that he was agitated with Johns and could not get him to cooperate.  As a result, Johns, a mentally impaired elderly man, was beaten and bruised across his face, chest and torso.  He was brought to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, Hill has been charged with 2 counts of Abuse of a Vulnerable Adult. He faces two years in prison if convicted.

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