Unlicensed Care Homes Shut Down For Deplorable Conditions.

Residents in two unlicensed Los Angeles living facilities for the disabled have been shut down after investigators found deplorable, unsafe and unsanitary living conditions. Residents were given only a week to relocate to new homes.

The homes, the Agape Mission House and Agape Home Church have finally been shut down after a long history of violating health regulations. Investigators who entered the home found the conditions to be deplorable with the homes covered in dirt and filth. The homes had only a single toilet and single shower for over 50 residents. They were also severely overcrowded. Residents were forced to sleep on paper-thin mattresses.

Worse of all, the residents were subjected to bizarre punishments if they failed to attend twice-daily religious services. One such punishment included being forced to stand next to a tree for four hours. Others included being ordered to translate Bible verses for an entire day, being forced to sleep outside, being denied access to the kitchen or having their benefit cards confiscated.

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