Two Families Sue Nursing Home Company After Loved Ones Suffer From Alleged Abuse And Neglect.

It is extremely important that loved ones be vigilant and on guard for any signs or symptoms of neglect or abuse of their family members or friends in nursing homes.  Often times, elderly victims are incapable of expressing their pain or reporting the abuse or neglect on their own.  If you develop a sense or hunch that something is wrong, you should immediately contact a Boston nursing home abuse lawyer.

According to The Orange County Register, two families have filed wrongful death lawsuits against Meridian Management Services, a healthcare company based in Brea, California.  The family of Herman Love has filed a lawsuit against Spring Valley Post Acute alleging that the facility failed to provide adequate care for their loved one.  Love was admitted to the facility after undergoing surgery and suffering from a stroke.  The lawsuit alleges that the nursing home staff failed to tell Love’s family that he fell out of bed.  Furthermore, the family alleges that the staff did not reposition Love and that, as a result, he developed bedsores.  The lawsuit also alleges that the staff heavily medicated Love, enough so that he could not do his physical therapy.  Moreover, the lawsuit alleges that the staff gave love incorrect medication and allowed ulcers to develop on his tailbone, which ultimately lead to his death.  A doctor told Love’s family to remove him from the nursing home, as he was receiving poor care.  The day after the Love’s family removed him from the nursing home, he died.

Another family has filed a lawsuit against Meridian Management Services for elder abuse and neglect of their family member, Keith Anderson.  Anderson was admitted to the nursing home after suffering from a stroke, which left him paralyzed on his left side.  After about a year in the nursing home, Anderson’s wife began reporting instances of abuse and neglect.  She alleges that the nursing home staff left him in soiled diapers, failed to prevent bedsores, and even ripped a catheter out, which caused an infection.  After much concern, Anderson’s wife took him to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a urinary-tract infection, infected bedsores, sepsis and pneumonia.  The doctor who treated Anderson allegedly stated that this was the worst case of bedsores he had ever seen.  Anderson died approximately 10 days after visiting the hospital.  Garcia, Artigliere & Medby are representing both families.

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