Social Worker Hired To Investigate Elder Neglect Accused Of Stealing From Her Own Grandmother.

Alyse Ann Penner was given the task of investigating and reporting elder abuse and neglect as a part of her job as a social worker. Now, she is being charged with one felony count of exploitation of a vulnerable adult, after having been caught stealing more than $20,000 from her own grandmother.

The 28 year-old granddaughter offered to help her grandmother wlth her finances in 2012. When a rent check bounced, the grandmother became suspicious. Her son reviewed the bank statements, and he uncovered several suspicious transactions at nail salons, restaurants and hotels.

Penner later admitted to detectives that she had been spending her grandmother’s money on herself for about five months. During that time, she spent $10,000 on daycare, and $10,000 more on trips, take out and shopping sprees.

Penner has been terminated from her position as a social worker. Some irony to the sad case is that Penner’s job included investigating elder abuse and neglect cases just like her own.  She was a mandatory reporter who violated both the law and the values of the social worker profession.

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