Rhode Island Nursing Home Rejects Arsonist Responsible for the Deaths of 16 Nursing Home Residents.

The administrator of the Berkshire Place Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Providence, Rhode Island has announced that the nursing home will not be housing Leslie Andino, a 33 year-old multiple sclerosis patient who set fire to a Hartford, Connecticut nursing home a decade ago.

Leslie Andino is currently housed in the Connecticut Valley Hospital where she is receiving treatment for advance medical conditions, such as multiple sclerosis and various mental health and substance addiction issues. Andino is housed in the hospital under a court order, as the prosecutors in Connecticut periodically assess whether criminal charges can be brought against Andino for her actions in the Connecticut nursing home fire. Andino was found not competent to stand trial in 2005.

Andino’s attorney requested that she be moved to a nursing home capable of providing skilled nursing care under the constraints of her physical condition. Andino is incapable of moving without a wheelchair. She also cannot eat, write or even speak without professional assistance. Andino’s attorney has stated to the court that Andino is incapable of hurting anyone, except herself.

The administrators of the Providence nursing home insist that they never promised to house Andino. They say that after evaluating her condition, they determined that the nursing home cannot provide the level of care that Andino needs. The prosecutor in charge of Andino’s case has argued that such a promise was indeed made, and that the administrators simply got “cold feet.”

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