Pattern of Broken Bones, Brain Injuries Flag Possible Elder Abuse at Nursing Homes.

Although elderly individuals in nursing homes are sometimes injured or bruised from falling, a recent study has found that there are specific patterns of types of injuries that are closely linked to elder abuse and nursing home neglect at nursing homes.

A recent Canadian study found that while some personal injuries, such as breaking a wrist or hip from falling, are typical injuries for the elderly, some fractures and soft-tissue injuries are demonstrative of physical elder abuse. The study reports that such injuries include bleeding inside the head, injuries around the eyes and teeth, as well as soft tissue injuries and upper extremity injuries.

Researchers note that elder abuse and nursing home neglect is often perpetrated by caregivers who are financially dependent on the elderly individual, and often involves elderly individuals who are debilitated in some way.

To address these elder abuse patterns, it is suggested in the Canadian study that caregivers be given more training on how to deal with frustrating situations in order to reduce the potential for abusive reactions.

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