Oklahoma Nursing Home Worker Given Ten Year Suspended Sentence.

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For some of us, living in a nursing home when we get older is a necessity.  Despite the numerous advances in the medical field, there is no universal way to prevent the aging process from taking place.  Nursing homes, therefore, are designed to provide long-term quality care for the elderly.  Sadly, the help provided by some caregivers is far from professional or compassionate.  In fact, neglect and abuse of elderly residents occurs all too frequently in the United States today.  It is a problem that, needless to say, must be addressed.

After a recent criminal trial in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, a former nursing home aide has been found guilty of brutally abusing an elderly woman placed under her care.  Anita Rich, a resident of the Grace Living Center, was supposed to be given special care by 60-year-old Elizabeth Kibler.  Kibler had worked at the Grace Living Center for a number of years, but was a disgruntled employee.  Unfortunately, she did not cope with the stress and frustrations of her job in a constructive or appropriate manner.  Instead, she took it out on poor Mrs. Rich.

The Rich family grew suspicious of their mother’s situation when they saw bruises on her face and neck.  They also noticed that her behavior had changed drastically and that she was scared all the time.  Christopher Rich, her son, decided to place hidden cameras in her room to observe the care his mother was receiving.  Over a period of several months, the hidden camera captured footage of Kibler’s terrible behavior.

The Rich’s video showed Kibler verbally abusing Mrs. Rich, placing her hand over her mouth, and even pouring water down her feeding tube.

Unable to stomach their mother suffering more abuse, the Rich family pressed criminal charges against Kibler.  An Oklahoma state judge has recently sentenced Kibler to four years of probation and a ten year suspended sentence.

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