Ohio Nursing Home Sexual Abuse on the Rise–Investigations Ongoing.

This past Wednesday, November 13, 2013, the state of Ohio announced a disturbing rise in the number of sexual abuse cases taking place in the state’s nursing homes.

According to highly ranked attorneys and investigators in the state of Ohio, sexual abuse and sexual harassment are becoming a rising problem in the state’s nursing homes.  Throughout the state, there have been 324 claims of sexual abuse this past year alone, including multiple claims of rape.

Nursing home residents have become a prime target for sex offenders. This is largely due to the fact that their ability to remember events has dwindled, and they are very vulnerable to being physically manipulated.  The mental and physical weaknesses of these people have allowed them to be manipulated and have allowed their abusers to remain unpunished.

One recently discovered sex offender goes by the name of Fred Brooks.  He was a housekeeper at an Ohio nursing home and recently pleaded guilty to sexually abusing a large number of patients.

Another recently convicted sex offender is Scott Cook. Cook, 42, was recently convicted of attempting to rape a 92 year-old woman.

Both of these actors were employed at nursing homes owned by Saber Healthcare.  Saber says that it has worked diligently to release all members and employees of its homes who have violated its policies.  Further, Saber, like other healthcare facilities that have come under fire for claims of sexual abuse, has begun to document all claims of sexual abuse.  According to attorneys and investigators, documenting these reports is key to addressing this issue, and lack of documentation seems to contribute to the continuation of incidents of sexual abuse.

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