Ohio Nursing Home Loses Funding And Has 30 Days To Clear Out.

The Carlton Manor has officially lost Medicaid funding as of this week and will have 30 days to locate homes for 131 residents who will be misplaced in the closure.

The Ohio Department of Health began investigations into Carlton Manor six months ago when it was flagged for several violations including sexual assaults and abuse. Six months later, the Manor has failed to meet the required standards and is losing Medicaid funding. Although the care facility did not lose its license, with no way to fund the home it will have to shut down when funding runs out next month.

This creates a problem for the 131 residents of the facility who will now be without a home. Although there are 1,200 nursing home openings in Ohio, many of Carlton Manor’s residents suffer from mental illness that could bar their acceptance to several available homes. Additionally, there is some concern that residents who are registered sex offenders will be rejected from available spots at alternative state nursing homes. Nonetheless, in light of the Manor’s violations, they have 30 days to find new homes for their residents.

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