Nursing Home Worker Jailed After Abuse Filmed.

A family installed a hidden camera in London’s private care home, Ash Court, when they noticed suspicious bruises on their 82 year-old mother’s arms.  When they later reviewed the footage, they were shocked to find a recording of a violent attack on their mother, who suffers from severe arthritis, by a 30 year-old employee, Jonathan Aquino.  The video shows Aquino shoving the mother and rolling her onto her side as she cried out in pain.  Aquino also slapped the mother around – on her thighs, arms and face – multiple times.

Aquino has been jailed and faces criminal charges for assault and battery.  The video showed another four employees, as well, who were also mistreating the elderly woman.

It is most unfortunate that many instances of Massachusetts nursing home neglect and abuse fail to be recognized and reported because the elderly victims are incapable of expressing their pain or reporting the abuse or neglect on their own.  Thus, it is very important that loved ones be vigilant and mindful for the warning signs of Massachusetts elder abuse and neglect.  If you believe that a close friend or relative may be the victim of Massachusetts nursing home neglect and abuse, please do not wait.  Contact one of our Boston nursing home abuse lawyers 24/7 at 617-787-3700 to help you.  Our Massachusetts elder neglect attorney specialists, Boston, MA nursing home abuse lawyer experts, and Massachusetts elder neglect accidental death attorney professionals are available 24/7 to speak with you. Our lawyers are highly trained and skilled in Massachusetts and federal neglect and abuse law.  Our Boston, MA nursing home abuse law office and Boston, MA elder neglect and abuse lawyer specialists are highly regarded with respect to handling Massachusetts elder abuse cases and Massachusetts personal injury cases.

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