Nursing Home Video Shows Abuse and Mistreatment of NJ Woman.

Modesta Alvarado, a paralyzed elderly woman, died at Harborage nursing home in North Bergen, NJ in January of 2011.  A nursing home employee has now come forward with a nursing home video recording the alleged abuse of the deceased woman.  The family had installed the “granny-cam” when they became suspicious of the Harborage staff after finding numerous bruises on Alvarado.  One of the workers was recorded on the video telling the woman, “Lady, why don’t you die.”  The video additionally shows other staff members abusing or treating Alvarado roughly.  Haborage employees are being criminally charged with assault, abandonment and neglect of the elderly.

Unfortunately, Massachusetts nursing home neglect and abuse often fails to be reported or corrected because the elderly victims are not able to express their pain or report the abuse or neglect on their own.  Thus, it is critical that loved ones pay close attention for the warning signs of Massachusetts elder abuse and neglect.  If you have any reason to suspect that a close friend or loved one may be the recipient of unlawful Massachusetts nursing home neglect and abuse, please contact our Boston nursing home abuse lawyers now at 617-787-3700.  Our Massachusetts elder neglect attorney professionals, Boston, MA nursing home abuse lawyer specialists, and Massachusetts elder neglect accidental death attorney experts are here to help you 24/7 and are highly trained regarding Massachusetts and federal neglect and abuse law.  Our highly skilled Boston, MA nursing home abuse law office and expert Boston, MA elder neglect and abuse lawyer professionals are expert at handling Massachusetts elder abuse cases and Massachusetts personal injury cases.

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