Nursing Home in Townsend, Montana Shut Down for Neglect.

The Broadwater Health Center Nursing Home in Townsend, Montana is being forced to shut down after its license was revoked by the state.  The nursing home has been struggling to maintain operations for a long time, and can no longer provide proper care to its residents.

Montana’s Department of Health & Human Services revoked the license because of multiple deficiencies in the home.  In one egregious instance, a resident did not receive his heart medication for three consecutive days.  In other cases, the staff failed to report injuries to residents.  It was also found that the meals were not nutritional and were prepared in unsanitary conditions. 

Though there are concerns that the closure will impact the local economy and community, the residents’ health and safety were clearly being neglected.  The residents will be relocated to different nursing homes in nearby towns.

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