Multiple Wrongful Deaths at NY Nursing Home Allegedly Caused by Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect.

The families of two former residents at the Suffolk Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing, on Long Island, NY, claim that their family members’ deaths resulted from the neglect of caretakers at the facilities.

The family of Thomas Bischoff claims that his March 18, 2013 wrongful death was directly caused by nursing home abuse and neglect.  Bischoff was 74 at the time of his death, and had lived at the facility for several years, when a septic infection caused him to go into cardiac arrest. He was sent to nearby Brookhaven Memorial Medical Center, where he was declared dead.  At the hospital, doctors found numerous bedsores on his skin, some of which were so large that a human hand could fit inside them.  These bedsores were likely the result of elder abuse and neglect, and contributed to Bischoff’s deadly septic infection. Experts say that bedsores of this magnitude are a clear indicator of nursing home neglect.

In a separate incident in July 2014, another resident, Raymond Curiale, died after he attempted to escape his wheelchair restraint and accidentally choked himself on the strap.  Curiale’s family claims that his death, which occurred on July 15, was also the result of elder neglect.  According to nursing home documents, Curiale’s care plan at the facility required staff to monitor him every 15 minutes. But, at the time of his death, Curiale had been unsupervised for 57 minutes. 

These men’s untimely and unnecessary deaths marked the second and third deaths allegedly caused by neglect at this nursing home in just over a year, as another resident died in May 2013 from an overdose of narcotic painkillers.  An investigation into that death revealed that the nursing home “failed to adequately monitor and supervise residents with known drug-seeking behaviors.”

It is unclear whether the State of New York is considering disciplinary measures against the facility, as the state does not comment on potential or ongoing investigations.

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