Minnesota Department of Health Reports Tripling of Nursing Home Abuse Cases Since 2010.

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When people reach a certain age or state of health, many choose to enter into nursing homes and assisted living facilities.  Although the reasoning varies, one of the goals is the same for every resident: receive the best medical care possible and maintain a high quality of life.  Regardless of age, disability, gender, race or religion, nursing home residents and their families expect to be given proper medical attention by caring professionals.  Sadly, abuse and neglect are common in many American nursing homes and assisted living facilities.  In some states, these heinous acts are becoming more prevalent with each passing year. 

A recent study by the Minnesota Department of Health has unearthed some grisly details regarding abuse and neglect in nursing home and assisted living facilities throughout the state.  According to a report issued in July, the Department of Health has found that the number of maltreatment complaints received by state authorities nearly tripled in the past three years, from 451 in 2010 to 1,217  in 2013

These staggering statistics come on the heels of several alarming incidents in Minnesota facilities, where residents were left alone for long periods of time without proper care.  Staff members at two Minnesota homes failed to provide adequate medical care and monitoring, resulting in the deaths of two residents.  In another case,  an elderly resident with dementia was not provided with any fluids, food or monitoring for more than 18 hours in May of 2014.  Staffers at the Summit Hill Senior Living in St. Paul were unaware that the client had been transferred to the facility’s “memory care” unit.   Amazingly, the resident was completely forgotten.  He was eventually found dead on the toilet with multiple abrasions.  When staff members at the Summit Hill nursing home were interrogated by state officials, they said they felt that they did not need to do “walking rounds” at shift changes because they trusted the work was already done.

As reprehensible as these incidents are, the sad fact is that they are much more common than people choose to believe.  This is why it is critical for friends and family members of nursing home residents to keep a sharp eye out for any possible signs of abuse or neglect.  Attention to seemingly minor details could be the difference between your loved one’s life or death!

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