Massachusetts Nursing Home Aides Arrested for Allegedly Posting Degrading Videos of Patients.

When a person is no longer able to independently live, their family members will often rely on the services of elder care facilities and nursing homes to make their loved ones’ lives as comfortable and safe as possible.  Family members and the facilities’ patients expect, and should receive, professional and compassionate care from the employees where they reside.  All too often, however, nursing home employees take advantage of or abuse their patients, which is why having access to a competent and experienced nursing home abuse attorney can be crucial.

Two nurses from the Wingate at Belvidere nursing home in Lowell, MA have recently been arrested for what the judge called “beyond reprehensible” acts.  Sabrina Costa and Kala Shaniece Lopez allegedly recorded themselves demeaning and humiliating multiple Wingate patients ranging form 75 to 99 years old.  The videos were uploaded to the video messaging application Snapchat, and showed the two nurses recording an elderly woman while on the toilet, shouting into a sleeping patient’s ear to wake them, and asking patients to do demeaning and degrading tasks.

Both women have been charged with three counts each of permitting abuse on an elder or disabled person, and Costa has also been charged with assault and battery on someone over 60 or disabled.  According to, local police are going to launch an investigation into the Wingate at Belvidere nursing home, which has since fired the two nurses.

While we expect a nursing home’s staff to consist of caring professionals, this isn’t always the case.  It is thus crucial that family members and friends be alert for signs of abuse or neglect to prevent future instances such as this.  If you believe a family member has been a victim of nursing home abuse, call us 24/7 at 617-787-3700 for a free and private consultation with our Boston nursing home abuse attorneys or email us at


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