Jury Awards $1.2 Million Personal Injury Damages In Oklahoma Nursing Home Abuse Case.

Elder abuse and neglect takes many forms, including physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse and financial abuse. Tragically, most instances of elder abuse go undetected. Often, persons close to the elderly victim do not recognize signs of abuse, or when they do, they feel as though they shouldn’t meddle. But it is critically important for individuals to speak up against elder abuse and neglect. Elderly patients suffering from dementia and similar disorders are at a higher risk for abuse because they might be unable to report their abusers.

The family of Eryetha Mayberry saw warning signs of nursing home abuse and neglect at the Quail Creek Nursing Home in Oklahoma. Mayberry was 96-years-old when her family noticed some of the signs of abuse. They installed a video camera in the woman’s room, and were appalled at what it revealed. The video showed nursing home staff physically and verbally abusing the 96-year-old woman. One worker was caught shoving rubber gloves into Mayberry’s mouth, while another staff member was videoed striking her atop the head.

The video was shown in a federal courtroom in conjunction with the family’s lawsuit. Since the abuse occurred, Mayberry died of other causes; however, her family continued to push for justice. Mayberry’s three children were awarded $1.2 million in damages. Attorneys for the nursing home plan to appeal the damages award to the federal Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. They will argue that the damages awarded were excessive, highlighting the fact that the nursing home is only worth $2.8 million.

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