Hidden Camera In Nursing Home Exposes Abusive Nurses, Leads to Lawsuit.

Society tends to regard nursing homes as a safe haven for the elderly. The reality, however, indicates a pattern of abuse that targets the most vulnerable members of our community. Nursing home abuse is a serious and widespread issue. In such situations, it would be wise to contact an expert nursing home abuse attorney at 617-787-3700 or at info@gilhoylaw.com.

During one of his regular visits to the Autumnwood nursing home in Detroit, Michigan, Salim Younes noted unexplained bruises on the body of his father Hussein, who is a resident at the home. Disturbed, Salim installed hidden cameras in his father’s room. A recently surfaced video that shows Hussein Younes being physically and verbally abused by one of the nurses is now going viral. Hussein has apparently been an ongoing target for members of the Autumnwood staff due to his ethnicity.

The nurse in question also has a dubious past, as she had been fired from several nursing homes before arriving at Autumnwood. Autumnwood had previously completed two internal investigations regarding the video, but nothing came of them. The case is scheduled to go to trial in June or July, 2018, and at this time the Younes’s are disinclined to settle the case. Hussein and his family are represented by Michigan attorney Jonathan Marko.

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