FBI Investigates One of the Nation’s Largest Elder Care Facility Owners for Allegations of Abuse and Neglect.


Nursing homes should be just that, a “home”.  They are places where family members send their loved ones to be cared for and nurtured.  The sad reality, however, is that, all too often, nursing homes and elder care facilities are centers for abuse and neglect.  Not all abuse is physical, and one of the most common forms of harm may be neglect.  Negligent care may be much harder to notice and prove, as it does not always result in scarring or bruising; it can be severally traumatic nonetheless.   Reports suggest that the increase of for-profit nursing homes may only increase this trend of neglect.  In order to maximize profits, many for-profit nursing homes understaff and undertrain their employees.

These are the allegations, reportedly, that the FBI is making against Shlomo Rechnitz, the largest owner of private nursing homes in California.  Rechnitz owns and operates eighty elder care facilities, which gives him direct control over 1 out of every 14 skilled nursing beds in California.  His facilities, however, have been heavily scrutinized and investigated by local, state and federal agencies for allegations of abuse and neglect.  The FBI has currently launched a thorough investigation into Rechnitz’s business practices and policy guidelines for his employees.

This is not Rechnitz’s first instance of legal trouble regarding one of his elder care facilities: reports show that his facilities were flagged for having three times as many serious deficiencies per 1,000 beds than the state average in 2014. Also in 2014, according to sacbee.com, two of Rechnitz’s administrators, Joseph Munoz III and Milagros Victoria Soqueno, were each charged with four misdemeanor counts of inflicting injury on an elder adult and failing to report elder abuse, and two nurses at another facility were arrested for allegations of elder abuse.

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