Family of Elderly British Woman Alleges Abuse and Seeks $5.6 Million in Personal Injury Damages.

Until someone discovers the real “Fountain of Youth,” people will continue to grow old and pass away due to old age.  Death is undefeated, and the streak will likely continue on forever.  In a way, that is what makes life so precious.  It is our own mortality that gives us perspective, allowing us to beautify and appreciate our lives in incredible ways.  The aging process, while not entirely pleasant, can be viewed in a much more positive light.  Things don’t always get worse, but they do change.

For some of us, living in a nursing home when we get older is a necessity.  Despite the numerous advances in the medical field, there is no universal way to prevent the aging process from taking place.  Nursing homes, therefore, are designed to provide long-term quality care for the elderly.  Sadly, the help provided by some caregivers is far from professional or compassionate.  In fact, neglect and abuse of elderly residents occurs all too frequently in the United States today.  It is a problem that, needless to say, must be addressed.  Unfortunately, of the 1.4 million Americans living in nursing homes, about 140,000 have experienced some kind of abuse.  Of those cases of abuse, only 1 out of 14 have been reported to the proper authorities.  Out of fear, many victims refuse to identify their abusers.

According to, Mrs. Helen Fulton was a resident at the Henley Place nursing home in England from January 2014 to May 2014.  During that four month span, Fulton, who had severe dementia, was subjected to despicable abuse at the hands of her caregivers.

For a while, Fulton’s stay at Henley Place was without issue.  Then, several months later, her family began noticing bruises across her entire body.  In a recently filed lawsuit, Fulton’s family says she was assaulted multiple times by nursing home aides and other residents.  As a result of her injuries, she was twice sent to the emergency room.

Now, in civil court in London, the Fultons are suing the Henley Place nursing home.  They are represented by Attorney Laura Camarra and are seeking $5.6 million in personal injury damages.

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