Family Awarded $1.2 Million After Videotape Shows Nursing Home Abuse.

Whether by nursing home caregivers, health care providers or family members, elder abuse is a serious issue.  There are several types of behavior that are defined by law as elder abuse and neglect, including active physical abuse, negligence, mental abuse or emotional suffering, withholding of care and sexual abuse.  There are various forms of compensation available to nursing home abuse victims, including medical expense reimbursement, and money damages for pain and suffering, among others.

Eryetha Mayberry, a 96 year-old woman, was a resident at the Quail Creek Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center in Oklahoma.  Her two daughters believed that someone was stealing from their mother so they installed cameras in her room.  The videos showed that two nursing home employees abused Mayberry by pushing her head down and preventing her from breathing.  Furthermore, one of the employees shoved latex gloves into Mayberry’s mouth while the other employee watched.  Mayberry died a few months after the abuse.

According to, Mayberry’s three daughters filed a lawsuit against the Quail Creek Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center.  The judge found that the nursing center was negligent in failing to monitor its employees’ actions and failing to implement appropriate consequences for improper behavior.  Mayberry’s family was awarded $1.2 million in damages.  Both employees were fired and face criminal charges.

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