Families Accuse Louisiana Nursing Home Employees of Neglect and Abuse.

Family members of residents at the Luling Living Center in Luling, Louisiana are accusing employees at the nursing home facility of mistreatment toward their family members, including abuse and neglect.

Luling Living Center has been cited several times by local government regulators for failing to provide optimal care to residents. It also has been rated below average every year for the past four years on annual inspection reports.  In addition, Luling Living Center has been criticized for not having enough registered nurses on their staff to care for their residents.  During the latest inspection in April 2013, however, Luling Living Center received a relatively positive report, with only one deficiency at the facility.

Among other issues, many residents claim that their elderly family members, who are resigned to wearing diapers, are often forced to sit in their own urine and excrement for extended periods of time. This is allegedly because nursing staff at the facility fail to examine them regularly or respond to their needs.

Mike Guillera is an administrator at the Luling Living Center. He defended his employees, stating that he believes they are doing the best job they possibly can under the circumstances, but that human beings will make mistakes.

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