California Supreme Court Allows Patients to Sue Nursing Home Owner.

The California Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday, November 14, that nursing home patients from 16 nursing homes in Alameda County, CA, can sue the owner of those nursing homes for failure to provide adequate nursing home staff and care. 

The patients allege that the nursing home owner violated numerous state nursing home laws, leading to multiple problems involving elder neglect and abuse.

In allowing the private suit to go forward, the state Supreme Court rejected the owner’s argument that only state regulators could bring suit for alleged violations of nursing home standards.

In a unanimous decision, the California Supreme Court stated that allowing the private suit to proceed would allow the nursing home residents to “remedy violations of their rights.”

Nursing home advocates hope this ruling will help improve conditions and provide legal remedies for the numerous nursing home violations in the state that have not yet been addressed. This is largely due to the underfunded and understaffed California Department of Public Health, the state agency charged with inspecting nursing homes.

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