California Family Waiting For Answers Seven Years After Nursing Home Death.

The family of Elsie Fossum has spent the last seven years trying to get an answer from the Claremont Place assisted living facility and the California Department of Public Health as to the cause of the wrongful death of then 95 year-old Elsie Fossum. Officials at the agency and the nursing home are refusing to provide any information to the Fossum family.

Elsie Fossum was 95 years-old when she decided to check in to the Claremont Place. She felt she could benefit from assisted care. According to her family, she was in relatively good health when she entered the nursing home. However, the elderly woman only survived a few weeks at the nursing home before passing away from severe personal injuries. The coroner’s report was inconclusive as to the circumstances of death, but indicated that physical assault could not be ruled out.

Administrators at the nursing home claim that Fossum died as a result of a fall. They say the fall was not caused by any negligence on the part of its employees. Fossum family members believe that nursing home abuse is to blame for her wrongful death. According to a former nursing director at Claremont Place, Beverlee McPherson, Fossum’s injuries were most likely the result of a severe beating. McPherson says that Fossum’s face was swollen and contained knuckle bruise marks, and generally looked like “Mohamed Ali danced on it.” Nursing home officials are denying these claims.

According to the Fossum family, the California Department of Public Health (DPH) has done less than nothing to investigate the elderly woman’s death. After seven years of promising to look into the facts, the DPH allegedly did not conduct any interviews or anything resembling a serious investigation. Not a single person has been charged with respect to Elsie’s death. In the meantime, the Fossum family’s wait for answers with regard to Elsie’s death is entering its eighth year.

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