British Regulators Shutter Nursing Home that Failed to Achieve Patient Care Standards.

British nursing home regulators from the Care Quality Commission (CGQ) have ordered that the Chapel Brook House Nursing and Residential Care Home in Congleton, England shut its doors to admissions. The closure came after the nursing home failed all nine of the legal standards for nursing home care.

Inspectors of the nursing home were nothing short of appalled at the conditions at the home and the administration of care. According to the inspectors, several residential areas of the nursing home were “visibly dirty.” Some parts of the building had structural and maintenance issues that went unaddressed.

The inspectors also found that the staff was untrained or under-trained in basic elements of administering care at a nursing home. The staff was also stretched too thin, among a large population of nursing home residents, and could not provide an adequate amount of time and attention to each patient that required it.

In some cases, the regulators found persistent non-compliance with legal requirements concerning informed consent, and following procedure with respect to patients not legally capable of giving consent.

Local authorities will now monitor the 25 patients currently at the nursing home, while the regulators decide on what steps to take next. The nursing home has received a list of actions that it must take to correct the deficiencies noted in the CGQ report.

Massachusetts nursing homes usually provide quality care for our elderly and disabled. Some nursing homes, however, take shortcuts. Others fail to provide the minimum quality of care that we expect.

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