Quebec Addresses Growing Concerns Over Elder Abuse and Nursing Home Neglect.

The Health Minister in Quebec,  Réjean Hébert, announced this month his plan to address growing concerns over a Montreal nursing home, the St.-Lambert. A much-needed investigation has been launched after two women were arrested following the suspicious death of an 87 year-old resident of the facility.

The Health Minister has assigned a special adviser to investigate the nursing home, where multiple instances of recent abuse has been reported, to uncover whether any other workers are involved in the wrongful death. The recent arrest of two former employees is what brought the abuse to the forefront of the community’s mind. Two women, 51 year-old Immacula Eugène and 46 year-old Marie-Margaret Pétimé, have been arrested on charges of drug trafficking, conspiracy and administering a noxious substance after an 87 year-old resident of the facility died.

A video was sent to police showing the physical violence perpetrated on the 87 year-old woman prior to he death. Originally, the video had been sent to the care facility. But when no action was taken, the videographer decided to turn to police for help.

According to the president of the seniors’ rights group, AQDR, there have been many  concerns regarding this particular nursing home. So many concerns, in fact, that the group has assisted several families in setting up hidden cameras in the rooms of their loved ones to capture on video suspected abuse and neglect.

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